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Senior Assisted Living Ogden UT Tips To Stay Connected With seniors

If you have an aging parent or loved one living in Assisted Living Ogden, UT, you can be sure that they are well taken care of. Yes, one can rely on these facilities to take care of your aging loved ones, but you should also do your part and visit them as often as possible. However, there are certain situations when it becomes difficult for you to visit your loved ones; for example, the COVID-19 pandemic has kept many seniors apart. And separation can leave people feeling lonely, anxious, and out-of-touch. So, when there are times you cannot visit your loved ones, here are some tips to help families stay connected with the aging loved one.

More Phone Calls And Visit Virtually- Everyone has a phone these days, so when you can't visit, make the effort to call more frequently. Instead of just phone calls, you can also try Facetime, Skype, or Zoom to stay connected to your loved one. And even if your aging senior is not tech-savvy, the staff in the Senior Assisted Living Ogden UT can help assist and set it up for them. Your aging loved one will enjoy the short phone or video call, so make sure to do that often. Keeping your conversation short, light, and upbeat often is a good choice.

You Can Also Keep In Touch With Them The Old-Fashioned Way Between Virtual Visits- During their time, the older adults learned to stay connected with their loved ones through the fine art of letter writing. So in between the short phone calls and video calls, you can also connect with them through short letters or cards. We all love receiving notes and cards, so do not feel intimidated to write, as even a short note or postcard will do. You can also write several letters or postcards at the same time and mail them days or weeks apart.

Put In Creative Efforts- You can also share the artistic talents that the family possesses with your loved one. If you have pre-school children, you can share their masterpieces with your loved ones. Your loved one will always have a space to display small drawings or messages from loved ones. You can also email them videos and pictures; it could be of a vocal solo, a dance, or even a music piece, your loved one will enjoy watching them.

Send Care Packages- Another tip is to send them care packages, to make the package, think of things that they will love. Consider the items that can comfort, pamper, or amuse them. You can also add a senior coloring book, a puzzle, a magazine, or a coffee table book, which they will appreciate. The seniors will enjoy receiving the small parcel, but make sure to include the things that they love, whether it is books, personal care items, essential oil, or others. They will appreciate the effort that you put in.

Consider Creating An Album- A picture is worth a thousand words, so consider creating an album for them that is filled with pictures of family members or recalling special memories. You can add pictures of wedding photos, family vacations, pictures of the family taken years ago, or if they have grandchildren, include their pictures as well. The seniors will love this idea and appreciate the efforts that you put in even when you cannot visit them. And your loved ones can share their memories with the other residents. Even when you cannot visit your loved one in person due to some issues, you can still stay connected to them through these tips and ideas.


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