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Memory Care Homes Roy UT On Early Signs Of Alzheimer's

As we age, we not only tend to lose our mobility, but we also become forgetful. We can have short memory lapses and other senior moments, such as misplacing keys, not remembering names, forgetting the purpose of going into a room, and wondering why they are standing in front of the closet. These things are normal, as, with age, we tend to think slow. However, these senior moments are not early signs of Alzheimer's, so what actually are the early signs of Alzheimer's. Read on to learn about the early signs of Alzheimer's as explained by experts.

When Should You Worry?

Alzheimer's is the leading cause of the set of symptoms known as Dementia. And dementia is caused when there is damage in the brain cells, could be due to head injuries, toxins, diesease, and infection, which can cause dementia. It can also be caused when there is an interruption of the brain's oxygen, fluid, or even nutrient supply. One of the best-known symptoms of dementia is memory loss. It is not the mild forgetfulness of the senior moments, but rather it is a major disruption of the brain's ability to think and learn.

One of the earliest signs of Alzheimer's is having trouble recalling something that you just learned. For example, you had a long talk with your loved one, and an hour later, you forget everything that they said and may not even remember meeting them. Other early signs of Alzheimer's are frequently losing track of the time, day, and where you are. You may also repeatedly ask the same question three to five times over a course of five minutes. You may need extra reminders to follow routines, take medications, and you may also struggle to get things done in a particular order.

When the symptoms are getting worse, you may notice them showing up late to regular appointments or may end up not showing up at all. And when they are out they may call you hopelessly saying that they are lost or that they need help finding their way back. And when you go over to their place, you may notice many unopened bills and overdrafts that they have forgotten to look or pay off. When it gets worse, they may lose track of time, sleep schedule, eating on time, and taking medication.

It Is More Than Memory Loss

Memory loss is also a symptom of dementia when it gets in the way of normal everyday life, and it presents new difficulties. These new difficulties presented include a decline in cognitive skills such as planning, problem-solving, and judgment. You will also see a decline in the language skills, they may find it difficult to use the right words during communications. It may also affect your attention and concentration, and affect your virtual perception. When someone is dealing with dementia, you will notice sudden changes in their behavior and their relationship with others. They may also become uninterested in the activities they used to enjoy before. If you notice that your loved one is avoiding family gatherings, or remains awfully quiet, gets confused about the topic of discussion, or grow anxious and agitated, it could be early signs of Alzheimer's.

Consult With A Doctor-

If you notice these early signs of Alzheimer's in your loved one, it is important to consult with a doctor. By consulting a doctor, some forms of non-Alzheimer's dementia can be ruled out or reversed with early treatment and diagnosis. Receiving medical treatment may also relieve some of the troubling symptoms of your loved one. And if you are planning to care for your loved one at home, the trained professionals can show you how to give better and more comforting care. Although, the ideal option here is to move them into Memory Care Homes Roy UT. Memory Care Roy UT has experienced caregivers, and they can provide the right care and assistance for your loved one.


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