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Assisted Living

We care for family members 24/7



Care you want, Community we all need

The relief knowing you have a 24/7 staff of caring professionals who foster health and community each day. 

Active main building with amazing great room, mountain view back patio, central dining, spa, salon, activity room, and private suites


Do you need help caring for someone?

Have you noticed their health declining?

Are you concerned about them being alone?

Is falling and being injured more likely now?

Are they eating a balanced and healthy diet?

What about you, how are you doing? 

Caring for others can be emotionally and physically exhausting, particularly when you have little or no help. 
Do you have these same concerns for yourself?  Talk to a staff member for more information: (801) 732-5290

Caring for Family

Our team cares for more than 100 family members every day, providing each person with the opportunity for conversation and community as well as assistance with everyday tasks. 


Community We All Need

"We promise, everyday, to provide your loved one with the best opportunity to thrive"  





A few days of loneliness aren’t toxic, says Steve Cole. But when days add up to weeks, months and decades, “the subtle biological impact of the way we live our lives starts to really add up in terms of disease development,” he says. (Read More...)



Homemade meals designed to meet each residents' needs by a licensed dietitian, and made fresh daily by loving people. 



Engaging and stimulating entertainment designed to maintain cognitive and functional abilities while fostering communication and strengthening community. 


Bus Trips

Regular outings that keep us engaged with the world around us and maintain our need for adventure and exploration. 



Assistance with bathing can make all the difference, after all, there is nothing better than feeling good in your own skin.  



Clean clothes and bedding are the best and even better when someone else takes care of it. 



We are all more comfortable when our living space is clean. 




"Lotus Park has been such a blessing to our family. They give every resident the very best of love and care."

— Pam B.


Family Connected


We use Facebook to keep family members connected to

loved ones by posting snapshots of what we get up to each day!  

A great way to stay active in our community, wherever you are.


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